A diverse team — united by a passion to create a community best prepared to respond to emergencies in the backcountry .


Jason Williams, EMSA Director

NR-Paramedic, DiMM , BS-EMS

Jason Williams is the Program Director for the Austere and Mountain Medicine division and at UNM. In addition he is the Director for the UNM Emergency Medical Services Academy. Jason is a co-director of UNM’s International, Improvisational and Wilderness Medicine Rotation (WIIM) for 4th year medical students. He has lectured at conferences in North America and abroad including Mt. Rainier, Washington and Chamonix, France. Jason has been involved with rescue for over 15 years and is currently Rescue Specialist on UNM's Reach and Treat team, as well as a Rescuer Leader and past President of Albuquerque Mountain Rescue Council. He is an avid rock and ice climber, and can be found high off the ground on almost any day off. Jason works part time with Beverly Mountain Guides with notable expeditions including to the crystal caves in Mexico, documented by National Geographic.

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Trevor Mayschak, Primary Faculty: Austere & Mountain Medicine

NR-Paramedic, DiMM, BS-EMS

Trevor Mayschak is primary faculty for the Austere and Mountain Medicine team. Trevor is a  graduate of the UNM EMS Academy Diploma in Mountain Medicine Program, after which he spent the Summer of 2013 as a paramedic for the Grand Canyon National Parks Service. There he ran numerous 911 calls in the back an ambulance, inside of a helicopter, and down-trail at various locations in the Grand Canyon. His interests include all things mountain medicine, climbing, technical rescue, backpacking and canyoneering to name a few. Trevor trains community members and professionals in Wilderness Medicine topics and has presented research in technical rescue, most recently on rappel set-up techniques at the International Technical Rescue Symposium (ITRS) Conference in the Fall of 2013.



Dane Abruzzo, Adjunct Faculty: Austere and Mountain Medicine

NR-Paramedic, DiMM, BS-EMS

Dane Abruzzo has been actively involved in the Austere and Mountain Medicine program since graduating from UNM in 2012. He practices mountain medicine in New Mexico with the Santa Fe Ski Area pro-patrol, UNM Reach and Treat Team, and the Albuquerque Mountain Rescue Council. He has grown up in the mountains of New Mexico skiing, climbing, biking and exploring. Dane attended the the UIAA/ICAR/ISMM Rescue Specialty course held by Air Zermatt Alpine Rescue Center in September of 2012, and regularly attends wilderness medical conferences both nationally and internationally. Dane teaches WFR and WFA courses while also instructing paramedics, nurses and physicians as they complete their Diplomas in Mountain Medicine as part of UNM's internationally recognized mountain medicine curriculum.

Marc Beverly, Director of Technical Rescue - Strike Rescue

PA-C, UIAGM/IFMGA Mountain Guide

Marc represents the comprehensive approach to mountain medicine that the University of New Mexico strives for: he is a practicing physician assistant, an internationally certified mountain guide (IFMGA/AMGA), an Executive Board member for the UIAA (International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation), and a rescue specialist with the UNM Reach and Treat team with well over 15 years of SAR experience. The owner and director of Strike Rescue, Marc advises all things technical rescue for the UNM Austere and Mountain Medicine Programs. He has published both technical and medical studies relevant to mountain rescue that have helped push the industry to adopt evidence based standards and procedures. Marc teaches as faculty with the Diploma in Mountain Medicine program, focusing on complex technical rope work and the seamless integration of rope rescue and quality wilderness medicine. Sit down for coffee with Marc, and you are sure to hear a wild SAR story or personal epic in the mountains. On his "days off", he establishes quality multi-pitch traditional rock climbs, competes in ice/mixed climbing on the World Cup circuit, and loves to shred untouched and hard to find New Mexican powder. 

Darryl Macias, MD, FACEP, DiMM; Director-UNM Wilderness, Austere and International Emergency Medicine Fellowship and Rotation


Originally from UCLA (and back of my car in Yosemite's Camp 4 during the summers) I'm privileged to have climbed and worked here in the Rocky Mountain region as well as the Himalayas, Andes, and my second home in the Chamonix area of France. I began my interest in wilderness medicine as the lead physician for some Himalayan (K2 and Masherbrum) expeditions in the late '90's. I decided to continue to expand the dream by combining academic emergency medicine and wilderness medicine at UNM back in 2000. Later, I obtained the French Diploma in Mountain Medicine, dreaming of bringing such training back to the USA...and, voilà! I am also one of the physician leaders of the Reach and Treat Team, as well as the Albuquerque Mountain Rescue Council. Besides climbing and backcountry skiing, I enjoy NITROX diving, running long distances, and watching our students during our "survival" courses. International emergency medicine is also my passion, and I have been blessed to experience, and speak about austere medicine throughout the world. My goal for all our participants is to enable all to deal with any type of situation anywhere on the planet!

Jenna White, Co-director Austere and Mountain Medicine


Jenna White is one of the physician leaders of the UNM Reach and Treat team and co-director of the Austere and Mountain Medicine courses at the UNM EMS Academy.  She serves the local SAR community as a team member of Albuquerque Mountain Rescue Council and as the medical director for Cibola Search and Rescue.  She provides EMS medical direction for Cochiti Lake Fire & Rescue and Sandoval County Fire Department.  Jenna received her undergraduate degree from Penn State University and her medical degree from Loyola University Chicago.  While completing residency training in emergency medicine at the University of Michigan, Jenna helped establish a regional wilderness medicine educational initiative for the Great Lakes area, and co-directed numerous wilderness medicine courses and conferences.  After residency, she moved to New Mexico and completed a 2-year fellowship in EMS with a focus on rural EMS, wilderness medicine, and prehospital care in austere environments.  During her fellowship, she completed the UNM Diploma in Mountain Medicine program.  She practices emergency medicine in the UNM hospital system, works closely with both the EMS and Wilderness Medicine fellowships at UNM, and is faculty in the UNM EMS Academy.  Jenna loves skiing, running, hiking, and kayaking.

Aaron Reilly, Co-Director WAIMI Elective, 2014-2015 Wilderness Medicine Fellow


Aaron is an Emergency Medicine physician and a member of the UNM Reach and Treat team. After completing medical school, he served as a US Navy Flight Surgeon with a Marine Attack Helicopter Squadron and was able to obtain unique experience in tactical and wilderness medicine. He finished an Emergency Medicine residency in Philadelphia, and then came to UNM for the Wilderness and Austere Medicine Fellowship, during which he received his Diploma in Mountain Medicine. Aaron has specific training in wilderness, austere, and race medicine, and he is highly involved in the education of professional medical providers, from paramedics to physicians, on providing medical support in remote locations. Aaron enjoys all things outdoors, and his focus is primarily on the medical and logistical aspects of ultra endurance races. He has provided support for a number of ultra-marathon races, including the Grand2Grand, Brazil Jungle Marathon, Badwater 135, and is currently the medical director for the Trans-Pecos Ultra. He also enjoys participating in endurance races, including adventure races, triathlons, and ultra marathons. He will be staying on as faculty and continue to be heavily involved in the UNM Austere and Mountain medicine programs.

Tim Henley, Adjunct Faculty

NR-P, DiMM, BS-EMS, BS-Psych

Tim has been working professionally in the austere setting since 1998 when he began leading wilderness courses for Outward Bound. Tim has worked for Project Adventure, Philmont Scout Ranch, worked in residential treatment (taking kids climbing and skiing), and has guided clients climbing in the Sandias. Tim has been actively involved in the Austere and Mountain Medicine Program since graduating from UNM in 2015. He practices medicine in New Mexico with the Santa Fe Ski Area pro-patrol, UNM Reach and Treat Team, and as a member of local area event EMS companies. Tim grew up in the greater Boston area as has been making up time for that in various mountain settings, backpacking, canoeing, skiing, climbing, biking, hunting, fishing, and now in mountain rescue. Tim teaches WFR and WFA courses while also instructing paramedics, nurses and physicians as they complete their Diplomas in Mountain Medicine.  Tim’s interests include heuristics in decision-making and psychological and behavioral issues. 

Pete LeBlanc, Faculty

NR-P, BS-Health Science, MS-Health Education, Pararescueman

Pete LeBlanc has served 18 years with the Air Force, seven of which as a Pararescuemen, and continues to serve as a Pararesecueman in the USAF reserves. Certified as a swift water rescue technician, rescue and collapsed structure diver/master diver, confined space/collapsed structure rescue tactical technician (ROCO), and wilderness paramedic. Pete as also attended numerous high/low angle rescue coursesand wilderness survival courses throughout the world. Pete has been teaching with the Austere and Mountain Medicine program since he arrived to UNM, and is a Treat Specialist on the UNM Reach and Treat Team.