October 2015

International Collaboration - University of New Mexico and the University of Insubria

2015 Summer Seminar

Diploma in Mountain Medicine

Students from New Mexico, Colorado, North Carolina and Connecticut came to the Southwest for 9 intense days of hands on practical training. We visited the Sandia Mountains, El Malpais Caves, the Enchanted Tower and Cabezon Peak. Land nav, survival, high-angle rescue, acute mountain medical care and technical mountain travel skills were all covered. The same students will complete their training with 9 days in the Winter of 2016. UNM holds yearly online/seminar Diploma in Mountain Medicine Courses. Find out more here


Desert or Mountains, Dry or Snowy

The challenges of austere and mountain medicine are oftentimes environmental. We spend many hours with all of our courses training outside in these conditions. Snow days just mean more challenges, so we practice and train no matter the weather to prepare for these obstacles.

A Few Videos