The Fellowship

The University of New Mexico Wilderness, Improvisational and International Emergency Medicine Fellowship is a rigorous one year educational experience in emergency medicine under any austere condition. This fellowship is applicable to many career paths within wilderness, disaster, and international EM. The skill sets offered in this program can be used to propel one not only to become an excellent clinician and educator, but also become an expert in expedition medicine, rescue medicine, outdoor event medicine, or international mountain or disaster medicine. Fellows have access to our department's international experts in the field, along with opportunities we have cultivated nationally and internationally.

Fellowship-the fine print: Will you have graduated from an ACGME approved US emergency medicine residency program? Do you want to become a physician rescue specialist who can work under any condition in a high alpine, desert, jungle, or multi-pitch rock faced environment? This is the program for you!  During the year, you have the option of obtaining the internationally renown Diploma of Mountain Medicine. You will also co-direct our landmark March clerkship, and other courses (if desired) we offer in Austere and Mountain Medicine. Field work includes working clinically, educationally, or in a research capacity in New Mexico as part of our Reach and Treat search and rescue team, as well as these options:
*Grand Canyon or Yosemite /Joshua Tree National Parks, training with Air Zermatt (Matterhorn), the University of Insubria Masters of Mountain Emergency Medicine program (Italy), and IFremmont France (Chamonix/Mont Blanc) 
*Medical support and other opportunities with many adventure races (such as the Grand to Grand, Badwater 135, and the Trans-Pecos, for example)
*Assisting us in developing the first Andean mountain search and rescue team in Santiago Chile (as well as work  and climb at the Aconcagua National Park)
*The Nepal Global Health elective
*Developing austere and disaster medicine programs in the Philippines and Mexico (see; joining the NM1 DMAT disaster medical team
*Opportunities to teach at national and international conferences are also possible
Will you have time to do these activities? Absolutely! As a fellow, you become a half-time faculty member, earning more than most of the wilderness medicine fellowships currently out there, working with our Emergency Department who are heavily invested in our wilderness medicine programs. You get to work within our highly competitive EM residency program and our medical school. Our department, located in Albuquerque, is very busy-ideal for someone who wants to excel clinically. Outdoor opportunities abound at the edge of our foothills and beyond where mountain running, climbing, mountain biking, or skiing can all be had in a single day. 
For inquiries, contact Darryl Macias MD, FACEP, DiMM at

The Elective

Open to any US or international medical resident or medical student, our month long University of New Mexico Wilderness and Austere Medicine elective offers you a unique opportunity to train in challenging, chaotic and remote environments where you learn the art of preparedness anywhere, any time, under any condition. If you anticipate pursuing a career in wilderness, disaster, rescue, tactical, or international medicine, this elective is for you. If you want to know how to survive under any environmental condition, this elective is for you. If you want to learn how to be more confident leading others in hazardous conditions, and personally grow, we welcome you here.

Faculty and fellows training before the elective

Faculty and fellows training before the elective

Worse-case scenario of the month-quicksand!